Baby boy looks alien 3D print "skull puzzle" successful operation

Xiaoyu's surgery was successful
Preoperative (left), postoperative (right) tall skull, forehead flattened, eyebrows deepening of the eyebrows, parietal lobes ... ... born only 8 months of baby boy Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) suffering from severe craniocerebral, Looks like an alien, in the local hospital can not be treated, was recently sent to the Shanghai Children's Medical Center neurosurgery. May 30, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Children's Medical Center, Xiaoyu surgery was successful, his head to restore the situation is very good, the appearance was round and full, facial features are more cute than the front. In the course of this treatment, medical experts due to the use of preoperative 3D printing technology, the ratio of children with the reduction of the skull, making intraoperative surgery more accurate, reduce the risk of bleeding, and make the reshaped face more family feature. May 31, the child will be discharged to meet their first 61 Children's Day. Integrated

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