Female college students in the flow of "ghost probe" crossing the road was hit seriously injured

Zhenjiang Runzhou brigade accident squadron police Hu Xiaofei reported
(The original title: Zhenjiang a female college students in the flow of "ghost probe" cross the road was hit into serious injuries) Yangtze News Evening News October 13 hearing "If the direction of the car is not a bit off, hit directly, she may be on the spot "13, Zhenjiang Runzhou traffic police brigade related person in charge told reporters that the 12th brigade police joint traffic accident, Zhenjiang a female college students in the traffic intensive, suddenly sprang out of the road (police commonly known as" ghost probe "), Was hit seriously injured, is still in the hospital for treatment. Police briefed at 12:40 on the 12th Xu, Zhenjiang Runzhou brigade accident squadron police Hu Xiaofei reported in the traffic flow of Zhenjiang South Xu Avenue Jiangke South Campus near the section, the occurrence of a collision accident. Police arrived at the scene, found a young girl injured sitting on the ground, lower limbs can not move. At this point, the reporter's Zhenjiang 120 emergency center ambulance, also just arrived at the scene. Hu Xiaofei police officers told reporters, because the traffic on the road at that time, the situation is more complex, in the police command and coordination, 120 ambulance personnel first to the injured first aid, and moved to the safe area. At the same time, the police also arranged near the staff, in the incident around the traffic guidance. Police briefing, visited by the scene investigation, the police learned that the injured body (a pseudonym), Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is a school female college students. "When the incident, the lungs from the middle of the traffic suddenly sprang, and driving so far, Zhang Moumou driving Su L license of the small ordinary bus, a collision," Runzhou brigade related person in charge, fortunately, suddenly found Some people cross the road, the emergency under the front of Zhang Moumou slightly partial, or a positive hit up, the girl may be funeral on the spot. But despite this, the person in charge told reporters that after the police visited, hit under the muddy seriously injured, "her leg leg crush, and intracranial hematoma, had to receive treatment in the hospital." Interview, Zhenjiang Runzhou Brigade responsible person stressed that the "ghost probe" crossing the road is extremely undesirable, especially in the bustling traffic louthened sections, it is a very high risk factor behavior, is likely to lead to non-dead injury situation, this tragedy case cited Too numerous To this end, the police remind pedestrians crossing the street (crossing the road) must walk the crosswalk or cross the street facilities, not free to cross the road, so as not to their own and family caused irreparable regret and pain. At present, the specific reasons for this accident, etc., is still further investigation and handling.

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