Deputy director of the door to persuade the suspect was hacked to fear his wife worried about the rear right

See the case of public security suspect Wang waving ax cut to the police
July 3, Shi Dengchao still in hospital, the doctor saw his injury. See the case of public security suspect Wang waving ax cut to the police, Linyi City, deputy director of the stone go hand in hand to try to persuade each other, did not expect to be the other side of the ax cut to the ear caused by severe craniocerebral injury. Fortunately, the current deputy director of injury has been out of danger. Suspects have been arrested for alleged intentional homicide. Hit the village committee and then almost chopped the police June 16 at 9:30 or so, Linyi City Lanshan District, half of the town of Zhangzhuang village committee occurred with a security case, the village committee office computer, audio, file cabinet And other items were smashed by the villagers Wang. Half of the town police station police rushed to the village. After understanding, the North Zhang village villagers Wang 46 years old this morning, he found the village committee, said the village is carrying out infrastructure construction, he thought of the construction team to work. Taking into account the usual life of their own homes are not dry, the village cadres refused. See the village cadres do not agree, Wang first Mamalielie, came forward to push the women's director, but also hit the village committee office. See someone alarm, Wang washed all the people back to stop home. Out of the police after the police hit the scene, then came to summon the king to understand the case. Who knows, after the police knock on the door, Wang suddenly opened the door, while holding the ax cut to the police. Fortunately, knocked on the police quickly responded, dodge hid in the past. Wang see the attack is not a quick return home. Originally a general case of law and order, did not expect the suspect even armed assaulting the police, police immediately call reinforcements. Wanted to empty hand to persuade the suspects left and right cut after receiving the warning, is half of the town of secondary schools to maintain the entrance in the second half of the town police station deputy director of the town of Shideng Chao reinforcements, and soon rushed to the North Zhang Village. After the two police officers meet, Shideng Chao finished after the initial judgment of the suspect just before the heart and trouble, should first to persuade the main. At the same time, taking into account the suspect may be obsessed, continue to resist, Shi Dengchao let other police ready to shield, baton and other defense equipment. In order to reduce the confrontation of Wang's mood, Shi Deng ultra-empty hands into the door of Wang. Did not expect Wang immediately from the house channeling out, right hand Ku a basket. Shi Dengchao not open, Wang from the basket out of the stone fiercely cast over. After escaping the stone, Shideng ultra loudly drank only Wang, do not mistake any wrong. Wang did not listen to advice, throwing a few stones, and from the basket out of the ax around the cut. Association police Han Shuchen memories, "suspects are very strong physique, Aoao barking, waving an ax slapping, at first I was a little timid." To prevent Wang wounding, other police holding shield and batons around. Wang side waving ax side toward the house back. Shi Dengchao worry Wang back to the house lock the door, or the house there are other people, may cause uncontrollable consequences, he took a shield from the side of the police in front of the block, followed by Wang rushed into the house. Deputy director of severe craniocerebral injury two police were scratched Wang holding an ax retreated to the back room. Shi Dengchao ran into the house after the glance and found that this room will be eight or nine square meters large, placed a large and a small two beds, the aisle only one person through. Space is so small, if not quickly control the suspect, his ax is likely to cause harm to other people. Shi Dengchao too much to think about, Wang aimed at Wang cut the moment the moment, holding a shield hit a rock up, the Wang knocked down and tightly pressed on the bed. Height more than eight meters, physically strong Wang suddenly out of the arm, picked up the ax casually cut to stone Deng Chao. Shi Dengchao's head was hit twice in a row, eyes burst of black. Other police then rushed to Wang uniform and handcuffed. In the day of the police, there are two police officers in the process of uniform suspects were ax scratched, one of the police arm of the wound is more than 20 cm long. Shi Dengchao slowly got up, feeling left behind the brain and neck burst of cool heat. He touched, the hands of a blood, the driver carrying him to the town health camp bolted. In the half of the town of health clinics, CT scan showed Shideng super head left ear after the skull comminuted fracture, intracranial congestion. After a simple treatment of the wound, Shi Dengchao was transferred to the Linyi City People's Hospital. After examination, Shideng super scalp at the maximum wound length of 4 cm, the left ear skull after comminuted fracture, injury is a heavy head injury. Two days after the intensive care unit, Shideng Chao transferred to the general ward. July 3, Qilu Evening News reporter in Linyi City People's Hospital to see stone Deng Chao. He is on a bed to undergo a doctor's visit. Shi Dengchao 35 years old, from the police for more than ten years has been working at the grassroots police station, wounded is not the first time. The wounded bleeding, Shi Dengchao once that only skin trauma, intended to lie to his family a business trip to the field, and so keep a few days to hurt and then go home, but the doctor said he was least hospitalized for a month. This can not hide, and stone Dengchao had to call with his wife said hospital. Afraid of his wife worried that he was lying on the phone that drive was rear-end, nothing wrong. Attending physician, Shideng super bone fragments from the meninges very close, if the risk of surgery is too large, can only take conservative treatment measures, waiting for the healing of intracranial bone fragments. CT scan, Shideng ultra-intracranial hematoma has gradually disappeared, but there is product gas.

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